Pest Control Services in Rudrapur, Bareilly, Kashipur, Rampur, Moradabad | 


Pest Control Services in Rudrapur, Bareilly, Kashipur, Rampur, Moradabad

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We, Paramount Pest Control, have been giving business, Mechanical and Private control Paramount Pest Control was advanced and built up in Rampur, UP in the year 2000. We are one of the main pest control associations that are government enrolled.


Attributable to our all out quality demonstrated administrations, we are authorize with ISO 9001: 2015 confirmation. We render our administrations to our customers located in UP, UK, Delhi, NCR and MP. Today PPC has on its customer base countless organizations and corporate of notoriety and has merged the situation in the market. Just as Pharmaceuticals, Nourishment, Venture, Colleges, Emergency clinics, Restorative compositions, School, Banks, Distribution centers, Lodgings, Inns, Cafés, Private and Business premises.


PPC is known as an association that offers quality pest management and a 100% interest in the outcome since most recent 17 years.

Paramount Pest Control is an efficient and expertly overseen PCO. All our administration with the fact qualified and prepared administration faculty. PPC is able to productively deal with and complete effectively any volume of Pest the executives assignments anyplace in the nation.


Our approach is to support bug sprays, we utilize the HACCP and Focal bug spray board Govt. of India.

Our Services Area

1. Pest Control Services in Bareilly
2. Pest Control Services in Rampur
3. Pest Control Services in Rudrapur
4. Pest Control Services in Moradabad
5. Pest Control Services in Kashipur



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